Well, all in all I think we made some good progress. Took a load to storage yesterday before the BBQ, and I worked on the closet pretty much all day today (aside from going to say goodbye to Uli and Hank for a couple hours). I feel like there are still a TON of odds and ends around the apartment, but I think we’ll be ok.

A couple things that made me really happy this weekend:
1) Jeff and I are great teammates. Nothing I didn’t know before, but it’s always nice to be working with someone you work so well with. No arguments about what is going where, how things should be done, pack this there, no over there, but I want it over here…we kind of work like a well oiled machine. We’re one step ahead of each other…always in a good way. And I can always count on Jeff to come up with some pretty brilliant ideas (I actually had a “Jeff moment” myself today when I came up with a pretty MacGyver move for packing my earrings…suffice it to say it was pure genius), like this one:
You might ask yourself…what is that? Well, Jeff was in charge of wrapping up our dinning room chairs so they sustain minor damage during transport and storage…and after the second one he was getting a little dizzy going around them with plastic wrap. So he asked me, “do we have anything like a Lazy Susan?” Thankfully, in the last five years, someone had explained to me what this was, so I was able to confidently tell him we didn’t. It didn’t matter…he found a plastic-organizer-drawer I had just emptied out that had wheels on it. So, while I turned the chair, he plastic wrapped it. No dizziness. Just some good teamwork :)
2) Second, we’re amazing at packing stuff onto moving carts! The last time we went to storage, there were no carts available, so we carried stuff on our desk chair and just on our own…then a second trip with random stuff, and by the third trip we had finally obtained ownership of a moving cart. So…three trips up and down the elevator. On our way home, Jeff mentioned that we could have made it in one trip if we had the moving cart the whole time…I was incredulous…but then today, we carried a truck FULL of stuff in one trip. It was pretty amazing. Two carts, plus the purple rolly cart thingy pictured above, which we filled and stacked with other stuff. Not gonna lie…it was pretty amazing stacking!
Not so amazing: coming home and realizing the smell of your apartment is gone (you know what I’m talking about…every house has it’s own unique smell…and I miss mine), it now smells like cardboard boxes. Le sigh.
One week from tomorrow will be our last TVN, and a week from Wednesday, we’ll be turning in our keys…