Some of you know that I’ve been doing a little legal work on my own: I picked up a couple family law cases, there’s a bankruptcy case on the horizon, and I’m working with a nonprofit (other than Haiti Scholarships) to put together their incorporation and tax exemption paperwork.

I never thought I’d want to really go out on my own; there are so many things to worry about: office space, getting a fax, malpractice insurance, health insurance, guidance, support, expensive reference materials, other overhead costs, etc. I kinda wanted to work for a nonprofit that could really take care of all of this stuff, but alas, I think it’s time for me to strike out on my own.
Which is actually turning out quite nice. We’re moving in with Jeff’s parents in a week, which means I don’t have to stress about making x amount of dollars a month to cover rent. I can take my time in developing my marketing and figuring out what the hell I’m doing.
This brings me to: I need to get my shit together. The problem when I don’t have a job is that I have too much free time. And I’m a procrastinator. I work better under pressure. Which doesn’t happen when I’m my own boss. So. Things get pushed back. Finding something to watch on Netflix or Hulu takes precedence over researching a good online fax provider. Or health insurance. Or finishing those documents I could file today.
So here’s what I need: I need to make a schedule for myself, and stick to it. Even though I don’t have an “office,” I need to set a few hours every day where I make myself sit at my desk, and get work done. It doesn’t matter if the dishes aren’t washed, or if laundry needs to be folded, office hours are office hours.
Ideally, my day would start with some exercise, but let’s be honest about that one…
But after that, I’m trying to figure out what my most productive time would be: should office hours be in the morning, and then I can spend the afternoon taking care of the random projects I like to do? Or should I do that stuff in the morning, and then after lunch have my office hours?
Maybe once we’re settled into our new place I’ll try out both schedules, and see which one works better.
On a completely separate note, and maybe I mentioned this before, I’m thinking of switching this blog over to wordpress. Any thoughts? Feels like a huge change; I think it might work better…I can have different categories, pages, etc. Maybe I’ll become one of those bloggers who makes tons of money and just stays at home and writes about random stuff (wouldn’t that be awesome?!)….ha!