Well, we’ve been packing small stuff over the last week, but yesterday was the first day that we REALLY packed. I mean, all day. I guess technically we started a little late, since we both have to do our usual online reading (reddit for Jeff, google reader for me), but once we drank our coffee and got our reading done, we meant business.

I worked on the kitchen all day…Jeff took care of clearing the entertainment center and desk area.
Jeff moved the red couch out of the way to free up some space
If we hadn’t had a desk, we both really like this set up. It opens up the living room so much!
After a full day of work, we ended up with a mostly empty kitchen (I left out the coffee pot, toaster, a pot, pan, a couple bowls, and utensils. And coffee mugs, duh), and a heartbreakingly empty living room.
It’s been slightly emotional. We keep telling ourselves it’s just an apartment, and we’ll have a new place eventually that we’ll grow to love as much as this one. But it’s hard to process for now. This little apartment has been so great for us, beyond perfect, and we’ve shared so many moments with each other and our friends: it’s seen three (or two?) annual Gingerbread House parties, the first Friendsgiving, countless TVN’s, spa nights, pool days, not to mention our own movie nights and coffee and lunch’s on the balcony.
We are definitely thankful that our first place provided us with so much happiness and so many great memories!
We’re taking a break from packing today, so we can have a little Farewell BBQ for Uli and Hank (I keep denying that they’re leaving in a day…I think denial works better than realizing…well, never mind, I’m already getting choked up), but Jeff is off on Monday, so hopefully we can pack up most of our room and get rid of that futon!