At the beginning of the week, I really liked the idea that I had nothing on my calendar for Thursday, although I know myself better than to think it’ll remain that way (I have been told more than once this week that I’m the busiest unemployed person they know, haha).

So, here’s where I was today:
  • Irvine: my apartment, packed up a few boxes, went through stuff in the garage. And drank my coffee, obvies.
  • Lake Forest: waited around for an empty cart, dropped said packed boxes off at the storage place.
  • Ladera Ranch: went to Brookie’s store to pick up some boxes she had saved for us (thanks, Brookie!).
  • Aliso Viejo: dropped off a table at my mom’s house, and hung out for her a little during her lunch hour.
  • Laguna Hills: checked the PO box. Junk mail.
  • Irvine: home for lunch, prepared my first client bill!
  • Santa Ana: meeting with client’s father.
  • Other part of Irvine: exchanged iced coffee for a donation from the wonderful Ms. Katie, AND got to catch up a little :)
  • Irvine: deposited check, went to store to buy dinner, home to make lasagna (would you believe me if I said I made it from scratch? Who am I kidding, only Isabel can do that…).
I really wanted to add Costa Mesa to my list of cities visited today: 1) I wanted to go to bikram since I missed my class last night, and 2) I wanted to check out the unveiling of 31 Bits’ new Fall line. But alas, staying home after all that driving was high on my priority list.
All in all, a pretty productive day!