Thanks to a generous friend who purchased a good deal on Groupon (for two), I went to my first Bikram Yoga class yesterday. Some of my thoughts:

  • I think what people should be warned about, more so than the heat, is the stench of feet that assaults you when you walk into the room. Feet, and bleached towels.
  • I sweat more than I thought possible, and I’m pretty sure I said that after rubbling in Haiti. The difference is that this heat has no redeeming qualities: no cool breeze, no Prestige, no amazing conversations.
  • I didn’t know one person, alone in their car, could fog up all the windows. Now I know better.
  • A change of clothes is a must. I’m pretty sure my car still reeks from the pool of sweat I left on my seat and seatbelt on the drive home.
  • What sounds like a leaky faucet is actually men who are sweating more than I am, and standing in a pool of their sweat, literally.
  • I’ve missed Machu Picchu legs. What are Machu Picchu legs, you ask? That’s when you’ve been climbing up tiny ruin steps all day, and then when it’s time go down down those same steps, your legs are so exhausted that they shake with every step. They’re awesome.
It’s definitely a challenging workout, but I do feel great today, and we’re going back on Friday. Hopefully this time I’ll be a little more adjusted to the heat and won’t have to sit down so much to avoid passing out…