I’ve been going to the gym! Well, to be honest last week I failed, but the two weeks before that I was a frequent visitor, and I went today. I do have a confession: today was the first time there was no one else there (it’s the small gym from my apartment complex), so when the below song came on my Pandora…I actually did a little dancing on the elliptical. It was very niiiice.

(In asking Jeff for help in finding this video, he just shared with me how him and Pat used to cruise around bumping their Pure Funk CD. I love him.)
Anyhow, not sure if I mentioned that we put in our 30-day notice at our apartment complex. We did. Sigh. We’re really gonna miss this place. I stopped by the leasing office today to pick up some move out paperwork, and they kindly informed me that no matter how clean we leave this place, they’re still gonna rape us for all that our deposit is worth, and more. Uuuuuggghhhh.
So, in preparation for this monumental move, we started packing today. We decided to start with the stuff that’s easy to pack: DVD’s and books (I’m terrified of packing up the kitchen. Uuuuuggghhhh x2). In packing up the books I came across the one item I’ve ever stolen [from a store], in my life. I was about six or seven. I have a super clear picture of the parking lot, and the check out stand, but for the life of me I can’t remember what store it was. What I do remember is that by the check out stand there was something I really wanted, and my mom said “No” when I asked her to buy it for me. It was like a buck fifty, and I was a little pissed she wouldn’t spend a buck fifty on me (as in $1.50, not $150.00).
My mom and the register lady started chatting it up, which I took as a distraction mechanism. I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I grabbed what I wanted and hid it in my sweater. We then walked out of the store and into my mom’s Mitsubishi, which was sweltering. “Why don’t you take off your sweater? It’s hot in here.” I tried to make up some excuse, but the heat was undeniable, and mother knows best. It probably didn’t help that I must’ve had the most guilty expression on my face ever.
So, she made me take off my sweater…and that thing I had just stolen slipped out. Needless to say, she wasn’t happy. I started crying. She threatened to make me go inside and return it (we were still sitting in the car, in the parking lot), but I think she was a little embarrassed herself, and my tears were probably pretty convincing of my regret. So, we never returned it. It’s actually floated around between my mother (yeah, she had the nerve to keep it for HERSELF!), then my grandmother, and when I found it again a few years back, I finally took possession of it.
What is it?
Hahhahaha, so lame.