I didn’t think I would be this excited about getting a PO Box, but after you see it, I think you’ll understand why. I was expecting a standard gray box with a key…and instead…I got THIS:

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?! It looks antique-ish, and has a combination lock rather than a key. I was going to protest this when it was being assigned to me, but I’m glad I didn’t. I also feel like I’m on the right track as far as setting things up for my personal and joint business ventures. I’ve felt uncomfortable about using my home address for a lot of things, and being that we’re not quite sure where we will be living for the next 6-9 months, I thought this would be a good solution.
Feel free to send me mail (preferably with a donation made out to Haiti Scholarships ;) )!
Alexandra M. Armstrong
PO Box 2096
Laguna Hills, CA 92654