Older twenties-aged man in the rough streets of Irvine, CA, on a pretty serious looking unicycle.

So serious, in fact, that I was relieved to see he was wearing a helmet.


This is an old one that Jeff and I recently reminisced about.
‘Twas at the Stadium Brewery in Aliso Viejo, CA (ahem, Cougar Den).
Jeff and I were in the bar area waiting to snag a table.
Man in his mid thirties-ish, taking up the one long table by the bar area, by himself.
He was sitting there, alone, with a beer (so, maybe technically not alone), distracting himself

with one of the many tv’s around him.

Then, suddenly, it was as if he had JUST remembered something really important.
There was a smirk on his face, it was one of those “silly me, how could I forget this super
important thing?”
He reached into his pocket.
Pulled out his keys.
And carefully placed them on the table,
Making sure his BMW logo was easily observable to those [Cougars] walking by.