Some may recall my obsessive compulsiveness about reading. This same obsessive compulsiveness seems to apply to TV shows that have multiple seasons available on netflix instant watch. Also, given the fact that this is my third blog installment on some sort of OCD-ness, I’m wondering if I have some serious issues I should discuss with a professional.

I stumbled across Party Down on netflix one of those nights that Jeff was out of the house, and I needed something mindless to waste my time on (or the more likely scenario: I was procrastinating on the stuff I really needed to do that night). I ended up watching “16 to Life,” which I also really enjoyed. Ratings for “16 to Life” aren’t all that great, apparently, but I enjoyed the quirky yet kind of real life story. I’d post a trailer, but it’s way too cheesy. I refuse.
But I digress. I started watching Party Down at some point last week, maybe Thursday or Friday…and by Sunday, I had managed to make it all the way through Season 2. I know, 2 season’s isn’t as epic an accomplishment as 7 or 8 seasons, but it’s not my fault: they only made two seasons!!!! It’s like Arrested Development only airing for 3 seasons, what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks?! Seriously, I don’t know how Two and a Half Men made it a bazillion times longer than either of these shows.
Jeff was seriously disappointed in me not waiting to watch the episodes with him, since we started watching it together, but it’s the same OCD that takes over when I start reading a good book: I just couldn’t focus on anything else until I knew I was done. Good thing, however, is that it’s still funny the second time around, so I’m totally ok with watching all the episodes over again with him.
But I digress again. Point is, if you’re into uncensored shows (no nudity, but definite foul language) with pretty great humor, you should watch it. It’s available on instant watch.
If you need some more convincing:
I’ll leave you with one last pre-show:
Seriously funny stuff. To me and Jeff, at least.