Yep, another self serving blog section just got started. I’ve been meaning to write a list of stuff I’ve been wanting to get [myself] lately, then I thought, “hey, that’s why I have a blog.” Maybe you’ll realize you want one too, you just didn’t know it yet. Or maybe you’ll realize that despite Jeff’s greatest efforts, I still have terrible taste in many things.
I’m starting with the simple things. Like a case for my iPhone that I’ve been wanting for a while. I came across this one, and think it might do the trick:
It’s made from recycled paper, it holds your credit cards, and the logo on the back is an adorable turtle. What more could you ask for?
I found a not-so-great review, complaining about the visual design of it, but it was in regards to the iPhone 4…which is edgier (not as in a photo shoot “I wanna see ‘edgy’…’EDGIER!'” but literally, more edgy) than the 3G. Given the lack of any sort of visual design for the last two phone covers I’ve had, I think I’d be ok with this one.
I also found this review. My thoughts after reading it: do people get paid to write these reviews? If so, I want in. I promise I’ll put some thought into it.