I think I’ve done a little better at making slightly smarter decisions when it comes to what I’m eating, at least much better than I was in the weeks preceding my last update. I knew our 4th of July BBQ’s would be filled with hot dogs, chips, dips, etc., so I took broccoli over to Erika’s & Julian’s house and fixed that up as a side dish, and bought a fruit platter instead of chips and salsa (thank goodness Erika and Julian already had chips and salsa there though…). Honestly, eating that broccoli was super delicious. I had also brought some sweet potatoes (or maybe they were yams…I’m still not sure) for us to fix, and to my overly-exaggerated disappointment (Jeff, thank you for putting up with my dramatic antics), that didn’t quite work out.

My 4th of July downfall: Albertson’s chocolate chip cookies. Law-school-extern-buddy-turned-friend-turned-coworker-turned-friend, Rama, told me they were the best. And indeed, in the words of Nacho Libre, they are the beeeeest. And so is mint chocolate chip ice cream. Anyhow, I had three too many chocolate chips cookies on the 4th.

BUT, I did go on a nice long walk on Sunday morning, and did a full yoga session on Monday. That evens out, right?

Tuesday night Jeff and I made a conscious effort to go on a little walk around The Lab and The Camp before Suman’s show, and today I rediscovered how delicious super fresh salads are. I think I’m jumping back on to the healthy band wagon…