Last night, our friend Suman had a show in Costa Mesa. It was at the same bar where Jeff and I hung out for the first time. We had finished our second shift closing at Starbucks, and Brookie and I had made plans to go hear a friends band play at Detroit Bar. We invited Jeff and he agreed to go with us. I later found out that was the night that Sarah was having her birthday party, and I think it took her a while to forgive me for stealing Jeff from her that night. But months later…we were besties :)

So we got to revisit Detroit Bar last night. Almost five years after Jeff placed his arm around me for the first time. Suman, also known as Rocom, put on a great show. Here’s my favorite so far (keep in mind that live is [usually] always better) (also, warning: explicit language to follow):
Both Jeff and Suman have a little art show tonight, which I’m very excited for. Hopefully I’ll have some stories and/or pictures to report later this week.