Our lease is up August 14th. We moved in to our apartment in April of 2008. Just the thought of moving is exhausting. We’ve packed so much shit into this tiny space in the last three years. Most of it is stuff that we don’t really need, but I can’t get rid of. Jeff might call me a hoarder. He may or may not be right. It’s something I’ll have to come to terms with next month.
For now, it’s been aggravating just looking for a new place. We went apartment searching a couple weeks ago, wanting to feel a little less stressed about the uncertainty of where we will be in a month or so. It was a waste of time. Apparently looking for an apartment more than 30 days in advance of when you will be moving in is “too early.” Apartment companies usually require a 30 day notice from their current tenants, so anytime before that, they don’t know what will be available in 30 days. The logic makes sense, it just sucks for people like Jeff and I who would like to plan a little further in advance.
Either way, we’re preparing to move. Aside from the packing, and the moving, and the finding a new place, I’m really nervous about the emotional toll leaving this apartment is going to have on me. It’s the first place Jeff and I have shared. It has so many memories: good times and difficult times. It’s seen us through Jeff’s unemployment, me studying for the bar exam, my unemployment, visits from Guatemalan and Arizonian friends, and more friendly gatherings than we could ever count. Aside from the upstairs neighbors who keep themselves busy late into the night every now and then, and some of the children that run up and down the hallway at 11 p.m., we don’t have many complaints. It’s been near perfect. We’ve got a garage for storage (which is problematic now that we have to empty it), a washer and dryer, and a close to perfect parking availability for visitors. (“So why are you moving?” Because they raised our rent over $100 a month, and paying $1510 for a one bedroom apartment is where we draw the line, even if it is Orange County.)
I’m gonna miss our brightly painted living room.
Our bookshelves are transferable to wherever we move to next. But this is still going to be the first apartment we had them in.
To be quite honest, neither Jeff nor myself are huge fans of our bedroom. We still don’t own a headboard, and the rest of the furniture we have are mismatched hand me downs, most of which I don’t even really like. I’m excited to see what we do differently with our bedroom in our next home.
This dinning room has seen two, if not three, years of gingerbread house making. And it was the first wall that held pictures of many of our dear friends. I’m excited to expand on that wall.
I’m really going to miss the white cupboards of our kitchen.
Psych! (yep, that just happened)
This kitchen was somehow able to prepare a Friendsgiving dinner for almost twenty people. I still don’t know how that happened.
It’s also the kitchen where Jeff and I fixed our first meals together. We’ve pretty much learned all the things we’re going to cook for our children, regularly, on a rotating basis, in this kitchen.
And our wall…
I’m gonna miss our wall.
Again, we can replicate this in our next home, but it won’t be THIS wall. You know what I’m not gonna miss? A TV that people at a garage sale won’t even take for free…and that’s a fact.