Apparently (I’m tempted to say “allegedly” but it just doesn’t apply, sigh) I’m about a month behind on this, but I just saw the Edge Shave gel commercial tonight and the similarity to the Old Spice commercial was just uncanny.

It made me instantly wonder if something like that would actually work, or just backfire. On the one hand, they’re using an idea that’s worked before, to a miraculous degree. Ok, miraculous might be an exaggeration, but I guess that would depend on your religious/spiritual beliefs. It worked for Old Spice, why wouldn’t it work for them? (I decided to do some research on whether the Old Spice ad campaign actually translated into money…and apparently it didn’t. What it did do, however, was give Old Spice a facelift and show how social media can be put to good work in an advertising campaign.)
On the other hand, it’s such a blatant copy cat, and Old Spice picked up quite the admiration with it’s commercial, that maybe people would be offended that someone would copy it. I’m assuming that Edge Shave knew how blatant the copy cat was, and thought people would find it funny. But you can’t mock something that people like…because people get defensive. And you’re trying to win those people over to buy your product.
Turns out, this wasn’t such a smart move for Edge Shave. Comments on the interweb were generally negative and disappointed in the blatant copying of the Old Spice commercials.
Anyhow, my thought process immediately following the commercial are superflous since comparisons have already been made. But I thought I’d add my two cents to the internet anyway.
What do you think: