Not on purpose, I swear.
It was probably second year of law school when it happened. Allegedly — and I use that word simply because I don’t remember it happening, the source of this information is actually very trusted and don’t doubt her word by any means…and I really like to use “allegedly” whenever I can — our usual group of law school folk were hanging out, probably pretending to study Con Law, and a new member was introduced to our group: cue Ms. Natalie. Through the course of this initial interaction, Ms. Natalie said or did something that elicited me to say something to the effect of “wow, you’re not even part of our group.” Harsh, right? Here’s the thing though…if she had known me at that point in time (which she obviously didn’t because we had just met), she would’ve known that I was being uberly sarcastic. Maybe too sarcastic…since those words did elicit some tears. Am I ashamed? Yes.
Good part of the story: we now share moments like these:
To those I have unintentionally made cry: I’m sorry, I hope you’ve since forgiven me and that we’ve had some amazing moments like Natalie and I :) And let this be a reminder to all of us: sarcasm is usually only appreciated after the person knows you well enough to be able to appreciate it. Yep, true words of wisdom, from yours truly.