I always get excited (and by “excited” I mean slightly jealous) when I see other people’s works of creativity, including Jeff’s art. Recently I realized: like so many other things in my life, the only thing keeping me from doing stuff like that is myself.

Last week I mentioned to Jeff an idea I had (I’d like to say it was original since it was new to me, but I’m sure someone’s done it before–please don’t send me any links confirming my unoriginality: ignorance is bliss). Being the amazing husband he is, he’s encouraged me every step of the way and it’s almost complete!

1) We went to the Orange Circle to an antique store that actually inspired the project: I was there a few weeks ago and saw a wagon full of old door knobs and handles and thought they looked super cool. So we went there, and we bought some :)

2) We scrounged through Jeff’s dad’s garage and found some old pieces of wood. My job: knicks and scratches and sanding! Jeff’s job: everything else!

3) Jeff put it all together, then he taught me a great technique for using protective blue tape.

4) This is where it really came in handy to be married to an artist. I had no idea what I was doing…

5) Not too shabby, eh?!

6) Tonight we gotta finish drilling the wholes and place the handles. I might need to buy some more screws, since the ones we got at the antique store weren’t necessarily matching ones.

Stay tuned!