Abby and I have decided to co-host a jewelry party fundraiser for 31 Bits, and we’re quite excited about it. There’s a huge chance it’ll be the two of us a a little more than a handful of the ton of people we’re inviting, but I’m honestly just excited to cook some new appetizers and desserts, and decorate Abby’s place all vintage-y. We were inspired by this blog.
This past Saturday we woke up earlier than you should on a day off, and did some garage sale hunting. We found some cool vases, and THIS beauty:
That shiny, beautiful red lantern was only $0.50! The camera belonged to my grandfather, and my mom has loaned it to us, along with these:
See that ruler? That’s what back in the 1950’s was called political propaganda! Pretty cool, huh?
And these beauties…I found them when Jeff and I were in Old Town Orange looking for the door handles for the jewelry thingamabobber project (which, if it turns out good and vintagy enough, we might also use to hang some cool jewelry on at the party). I kept joking that I wanted to find a “$5 deal” which was ridiculous: prices at these antique stores are, well, ri-di-cu-lous. Then I found these containers…and I was expecting prices of about $25 for each of them, which would be in line with everything else…
But no! They were $7 and $9! Even the guy who rang me up was shocked by the price…it almost seemed like he was debating on whether he should sell them to be for that price or try to come up with some excuse to hold on to them. But alas, I got them, and got as close to a five dollar deal as I was gonna get. But I’m really, really happy with my find/purchase.
I’ll save the menu for another post :)