I had In n Out for lunch yesterday. And I didn’t even go for the protein style version of the burger. Then I had chicken tortilla soup for dinner….from El Pollo Loco. I know. FAIL.

BUT, I have been doing a little yoga here and there, and yesterday I tried a little pilates on Netflix instant watch. Holy-way-more-intense-than-yoga! My legs are actually a little sore today, and I don’t think I even made half way through the forty minute routine. My goal this week is to make it through the whole session at least once. I will confess that one problem I had was in keeping up: it’s way faster than yoga, and my coordination is sorely lacking…so I haven’t had the easiest of times keeping up with the routine, ha.

We had a pretty busy weekend, which means no hikes or climbing (but plenty of fun, which hopefully I’ll write about later). I really miss how much time we spent outdoors in April. July should be a little more mellow during the weekends, so hopefully we can pick up where we left off (we still have to explore Blackstar Canyon, and do more outdoor climbing).

On a good-ish note, this has been my usual breakfast for the last couple months or so:

What is this mess, you may ask. And I don’t blame you. Fresh fruit (banana and cantaloupe in this case, although it’s usually a banana and orange or something), granola, and yogurt. I mentioned earlier that I transitioned to vanilla yogurt, making my way from strawberry to plain. After I finish what seems like five pounds of vanilla yogurt I’ll try out the plain stuff. I wasn’t a huge fan of the vanilla stuff when I first started eating it, and now kind of enjoy it, so I’m hoping the same goes for what I’m sure won’t be as pleasant plain yogurt.