With Summer comes…wedding season! This year Jeff and I are fortunate to be invited to two weddings, both of which I’m excited for and honored to be invited to (and be a part of!).

This Saturday, my amazing friend Katie gets married. We met in law school, after finding out that we had both been to Guatemala. I literally just realized that the two roommates I ever had (other than Jeff), I’ve gotten to know because of our initial connection with Guatemala: my freshman year in college someone told me there was another girl in our dorm hall that was from Guatemala…I think I left a really lame message on her door with something to the effect of “You’re from Guatemala, I’m from Guatemala, we should hang out!” Lame, but it worked. We became great friends and shared a one bedroom apartment for three years. And then my first year in law school we had to introduce ourselves in Torts and say something “interesting”; Katie mentioned she had just traveled to Guatemala, and I mentioned that I was half Guatemalan and spoke Spanish fluently (what can I say, it’s the only really interesting thing I got going sometimes). We sat next to each other in one class, and before we knew it, we were trying out for the ADR competition team together, traveling to cities near and far, sharing an apartment, and eventually sharing a hotel room during the bar exam (let me tell you, sharing a hotel room during the bar is EXTREMELY frowned upon–we were advised multiple times by multiple people not to do it…it worked out great :) ). Anyhow, Katie’s friend Lauren made her invitations, and they’re absolutely adorable (vcm1313@cox.net).
And next Saturday is Shirley’s wedding! We also met in law school. Shirley might be one of the craziest girls I know, and she’s absolutely amazing for it. She’s incredibly smart, and has more passion for public interest than anyone else I know. She currently works for a legal aid in Nebraska, and is kicking ass at her job. I wanna be her someday :) Her sister, Wendy Peng, designed and made her invitations, which look awesome (pendyweng@gmail.com).
I should mention that both of these fine young ladies are marrying amazing gentlemen. Katie met J, and it’s the first time ever I’ve ever seen a couple that is more lovey dovey than Jeff and I :) And Shirley is marrying Seth, who she met in Nebraska while doing an internship out there during law school. Things worked out well enough for her to move to Nebraska (yep), and now they are happily engaged and….homeowners!
Ladies: I can’t wait <3