I did yoga this week! Not the most intense of work outs, but still better than not doing anything (maybe that’s just my excuse). On Tuesday I did a yoga workout that was recommended on Netflix instant watch: Crunch: Candlelight Yoga! Haha, yeah, I thought it sounded pretty lame too, but there were several reviews raving about how great it was, so I thought I would give it a try. It was actually really soothing, and just what I needed after my self-induced stressful day at work. Candlelights, mellow background music, aaaaaand I almost fell asleep a time or two. It definitely wasn’t an intense workout, but I think it’s a good introduction to yoga if you’ve never done it.
On Wednesday I decided to try another recommended video that was on youtube, and that looked a little more intense. This one lacked the production and editing of the first one, including a lack of soothing music and candlelights. And this is where I stepped things up a notch: iPhone APP TO THE RESCUE! Cue ambiance. I was gonna go with “Portuguese Forest,” but the toad or frog or whatever it is was a little distracting. “Bright Sunny Morning” worked out pretty well. (Wow. Yep. I put soothing background noise while doing yoga. Who am I??)
So that was the extent of my activity for the week.
We didn’t cook anything too exciting this week. We made pasta the other night and both realized we got really used to having veggies with our meals. It felt weird not eating veggies with our dinner. I think that’s a good sign.
I’ve been eating way more fresh fruit than I used to. Usually a banana and orange/cutie for breakfast with granola and yogurt. Speaking of yogurt…I usually buy the strawberry yogurt, until I realized that plain is probably a better way to go. I didn’t wanna quit strawberry cold turkey though…so I’m trying out vanilla for now (baby steps). Not a huge fan. Also, who knew you couldn’t even buy yogurt without checking labels and researching? Eating healthier is more time consuming than it should be.
I mentioned before how Jeff and I bought stuff at the farmer’s market a few weeks ago. I realized the problem of shopping at the farmer’s market is that stuff is WAY fresh, as in…it doesn’t last very long. For a household of two…it’s almost wasteful to buy a bunch of stuff at the farmer’s market only for it to spoil before we get a chance to eat it. Not sure how people make that work. I’m thinking we just have to buy on the day of, which means going to the store more frequently. Hmmmm.