Food wise, we’re still doing pretty good. I’ve been really good about having healthier snacks…trail mix (the real kind), and lots of fresh fruit in the mornings at work. Lunch is a little more difficult, since it’s either a sandwich from home (which gets boring after a while) or eating out…I will say, and this is pretty impressive for me, that I haven’t broken down and gone to McDonald’s or Carl’s or Jack’s in quite a while (I believe In n Out is a whole different ball game…and even that has only been once recently), so that’s something to be proud of.

So…ranch dip isn’t the best, but it’s better when you have it
with veggies instead of chips!
One of our dinners last week.
Fixed green beans for the first time (yeah, seriously): so easy and delicious!
Thanks to In Defense of Food, I’m starting to get a little paranoid about the food we buy. No more white bread for this household. I might even start looking at the ingredients in stuff before I buy it…crazy talk I tell you!
As for working out…or any sort of activity really…the busyness has started to encroach on that. April was great because every weekend was free and available for Jeff and I to go and do our own adventures. May has been plagued by busy schedules on the weekends (my own fault…I blame no one but myself for constantly booking my calendar more than I should), and June has weddings and birthdays and other such celebrations which I’m really looking forward to. What this means is that I need to grow a pair and either go to the gym in the mornings before work (but my bed is soooo comfy and warm!) or workout after I get home from work (but I’m sooooo tired after staring at a computer for 8 hours!). So yeah….I need to figure out the right balance here. I know I don’t need to work out for a long time each day…I just need to start setting aside at least ten minutes every day to do SOMETHING. But I always forget to find those ten minutes in my day…