So what are blogs for, but ranting and venting about pointless things that these days are now immediately pointed out as first world problems or white whines? Exactly.

We met up with some friends, had some food, had a couple drinks, and decided to go watch that movie that Courtney told me I had to see (I’ll ask Courtney’s permission to use her name next weekend when she’s in town): The Bachelorette (which from what I saw was indeed, hilarious).
Little did we know it was still packing theaters, so we ended up sitting in the reject seating all the way up front. So…you know when you’re sitting at a movie theater as it’s filling up….and you put your feet up on the seat in front of you…and then someone sits in that seat in front of you and you’re all bummed that you have to take your feet off the seat? Has it ever occurred to you to just never take your feet off the seat? Or to push back when the person wants to recline their seat? Or to kick the seat constantly throughout the whole movie? The W-H-O-L-E movie. Minus the last half hour maybe, because you eventually chose to walk out of the movie theater (thank God–speaking of whom…rapture anyone?).
Well, the girl sitting behind me did all of the above. It takes quite a bit to get me angry enough to say something…I said something’s to this girl a lot of times tonight. And kicking my seat apparently wasn’t enough, so she was also pushing in the middle divider that Jeff and I had lifted…and then moved on to kicking Jeff’s seat. Her defense when Jeff asked if all of that was really necessary? “What, you have something against tall people?” Um, what?! a) She wasn’t that tall. b) Even tall people have common courtesy. c) Tall people don’t do the kind of crap this girl did or require that kind of leg room. So no, Jeff doesn’t have anything against tall people.
The whole time I just couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening…and I was really frustrated that out of common courtesy for everyone else in the movie theater I couldn’t get up and physically remove her Andre The Giant feet from my seat. Obviously this would have been the point where I get all my friends involved to physically defend my honor because I’ve never been involved in anything other than a hair pulling contest with my cousin (she won, I’m sure).
A security guard came in to see why we were causing such a ruckus. At one point I seriously thought we would be the ones to get kicked out, and wouldn’t that be ironic?
After the movie was over (of which I’m pretty sure Jeff and I missed some good laughs thanks to Andre), and after Andre had bailed, her friends tapped on Jeff’s shoulder and apologized for their friend, explaining that she was drunk and angry. My natural reaction was to laugh it off and say “hey no biggie, sorry we were so vocal about her being a bitch,” but then I thought, I’m not sorry at all. But their gesture was still appreciated.