My family kind of skipped Easter this year. No one really wanted to drive the hour-and-a-half one way or another, so we ended up just calling it a day and everyone stayed in their respective cities. So the cousins took it upon themselves to make something happen for Mother’s Day. I’m sure my mom and aunt’s would’ve figured something out on their own, but where’s the Mother’s Day grace in that? So we organized brunch at a restaurant located along the lake, and I requested outdoor seating with our reservations. Unfortunately, it was gloomy and sprinkling on Sunday, so we got sat inside anyway. Good thing we had thought of decorations to make our table extra pretty :)

After being made aware of the fact that Target no longer has garden centers, Adri and I headed to Home Depot and after much looking around, settled on simple little pots and multi-colored flowers, the name of which I can’t remember, but were super pretty.
Add a little ribbon, and voila!
After brunch we walked around and took some family portraits:
Mom and I.
Las primas.
La Familia.
Some of the extra flowers ended up permanently relocating to our balcony: