A few movies that I never or barely heard of before I watched them, and think they’re worth watching.

Apparently it had better than expected results at the box office, but I still don’t think Hanna got enough viewers. Sure…not a great movie for the kids considering the violence and all, but it’s such a great FILM. I’m not a film expert or anything, but I thought it was an artistically shot movie, not to mention the soundtrack by the Chemical Brothers: awesome. In the day and age when people laugh at other people for actually buying movies, Jeff and I plan on buying this one when it comes out on DVD.
If there were bumperstickers that said “I <3 Hanna,” I would totally buy one. #badass
Then there’s City Island. My likes for this movie, starring Andy Garcia (which Jeff wasn’t too excited about but ended up liking quite a bit), are that it’s just the story of a family, with all the realities and complexities that families have to deal with: lies, deceit, frustration, love, forgiveness, etc. The son’s feeding thing was a bit weird, but comedic relief nonetheless. I wouldn’t buy it, but it’s on Netflix instant watch!
Finally, this weekend Jeff came across Four Lions. I’m still processing this movie. It’s a satire on the quest of four British jihadists. Definitely a funny movie, but most of the funny parts are given away in the trailer and I think I missed out on a lot with the heavy British accents and lack of subtitles. I think it’s worth a watch if you’re not easily offended by this kind of stuff, and have a good sense of humor. I did find it culturally interesting–whether accurate or not, I honestly don’t know–seeing how the wife and child were so okay with the idea of their father planning on blowing himself up. There was no sense of sadness or loss (except for one small scene between the husband and the wife towards the end), which I found really surprising and revealing. It’s an interesting perspective on such a sensitive and inflammatory subject. Again, Netflix instant watch it.