For a couple who really wasn’t very good at eating well…I think we’re slowly but surely coming around. I’ve also been changing little things…like getting brown rice instead of white rice, whole wheat bread and pasta, etc. Yesterday, for example, instead of stopping by Mickey D’s on my lunch I stopped by Grower’s Direct and got a bunch of fruits and snacks. It’s the little things, right?
Last week we tried making eggplant for the first time…interesting…
Salad and feta cheese never disappoint!

This might be the craziest salad I’ve ever ordered. It was out of my comfort zone, but figured I should go for it.
No regrets. I still don’t know what the stringy red stuff was though…so feel free to enlighten me.

Finally got a chance to cook dinner at home again tonight.

Tried and true recipe with a few changes. Fresh parmesan HAS to be good for you.
As far as activity levels, we went camping in Joshua Tree this weekend to do some rock climbing, so I think that covers activity for a few days.
I had no idea where to go from this point.
So close and yet so far. Good thing I was attached to a rope.

My continuous encouragement.

One of the few pictures I actually took.
I need to learn some photography skillz.