Came across a great band on NPR today. During the interview they were asked how they came up with their name, to which the female singer responded something to the effect of how anytime you put the word “civil” in front of something, it kinda means the opposite of it…as in, there’s nothing “civil” about war. She brought it back to how we each have these inner wars and tensions which are reflected in a lot of their lyrics, whether in relationships, addictions, etc. Kinda random, but I thought it was a cool anecdote to share before blowing your minds.

“Dance me to the end of Love”
“Falling.” Picks up to epic proportions after about the second minute (in my humble opinion)
“Barton Hollow.” An actual produced video, sound is a little different but still great.
Probably not the best stuff to listen to if you just got dumped…but definitely worth a listen if you’re not an emotional basket case.