So I think I found a solution to my fast and cheap dilemma: Native Foods Cafe. It’s right down the street from my work, so I decided to check it out during my lunch on Friday. SCORE. For $10 I got a delicious chicken wrap with possibly the most amazing iced tea I’ve ever had. I’m not sure that my selections in the future will be “healthy” per se, given that they have nachos and cheesy fries on the menu, BUT they are made with organic and local ingredients…”whenever possible.” Gotta love fine print. But for sure it’s less processed than the crap I would otherwise eat. All their stuff is made fresh every day, which is a nice change.

Saturday we went on an outdoor rock climb at Ortega Falls. It was my first serious outdoor climb and it was absolutely amazing. I was scared shitless when I first got there, and had serious doubts about my ability to make it through the day, but by miracles and endless encouragement from Jeff and the boys, I survived! I only did three climbs, but my body is sore today beyond belief. The climbs, individually, are much longer than what I’m used to in the gym, and they’re definitely more challenging physically. My greatest accomplishment: not giving up, haha. There were definitely parts of a climb where I got stuck and had no idea how I was going to keep moving up, and towards the end my arms just felt like noodles. But I was able to shove my shoe or arm into some crevice or crack and finagle my way up. I think I fell in love with those rocks on Saturday. It made me more excited than nervous for our upcoming trip to Joshua tree this weekend.
On a side note, I love how much time Jeff and I have been spending out doors these past few weekends. I’ve kept most of my Haiti-tan, and it’s just nice to enjoy the outdoors. Saturday I wasn’t climbing most of the time since we all switched turns and took breaks, but it was nice to just BE outside…enjoying the sun and waterfall…I can’t believe I haven’t done stuff like this more often before. #fail.
Dinner that night was Wahoo’s due to our sheer exhaustion, but I did forego my desire of chicken and cheese enchilada’s and instead went for the bonzai bowl–but only because Jeff was there to keep me from ordering fatty enchiladas. Not sure how much healthier a bonzai bowl is…but just minus cheese has to be something, right? Maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better about myself. Oh well.
Today wasn’t a good day in either the eating or active part on our resolution, although I think yesterday’s workout was enough for the weekend. Since we went climbing all day yesterday we never made it to the farmer’s market which I’ve been itching to go to, so we had few options as to what to cook today. Hopefully we’ll be able to re-stock and cook some good stuff at home this week. ALSO, I ordered a couple cook books last week and I’m excited to start cooking off of those….I’m dorkily excited about that.