Let’s see…since Monday we cooked at home Tuesday and Wednesday night, and tonight I tutored so I had dinner with my amazing family that I haven’t seen in over a month, but Jeff fixed a quick meal at home as well.
Monday we went on a walk after dinner. On Tuesday Jeff made pasta with kielbasa and veggies, so yummy. We went to the spa….which isn’t necessarily working out…but it’s not sitting on the couch either…so…? We’ll just call it a draw.
And last night, maybe not the most healthy (or cheap) dinner, but we copied the Giacobbe’s and made home made pizza and bruschetta!

Getting ingredients ready for bruschetta

Prepping the pizza!

Jeff’s masterpiece :)

Stone Pale? Yes, please.

Finishing touches for Double Tomato Bruschetta

Not gonna lie…some of the best bruschetta I’ve had. It’s all in the bread!