I finally jumped on board with Jeff. Last year he went through a phase where he wanted to start eating healthier and being more active. I wasn’t feeling it. But I am now! So I’m switching gears on the accountability section of this blog…I think the original purpose has been served, since I’m no longer sitting on my couch for the better part of my weekdays not wanting to do what I should be doing. I now do that in an office!
So, my new accountability: eating more healthier (um, more healthy?), and being more active in our daily routines. Less tv, more walks. Less carbs, more fruits and veggies. Less processed, more natural.
The being active part has been pretty good. We’ve gone on hikes for the last two weekends, we went for a walk after dinner today, and we’re trying to do more climbing, both indoor and outdoor. I WILL start going to the gym more often. I’ve been doing pull ups every couple days…slight to little improvement, but hey, baby steps.
First hike with Brookie in Irvine
Hike in Laguna Beach

It’s not always easy for a gal like me…
The eating healthier part is a little more tricky. For the first week and a half since I got back, we just hadn’t had time to go shopping for food. We finally made it to Whole Foods on Friday, at which time I re-realized that eating healthy is way more expensive than not. Lunch seems to be my biggest hurdle: on days that I haven’t brought anything and need to eat out, I want something cheap and fast. It’s called fast food. And for the most part, they don’t serve healthy. Porqueeeeeee?! I wish fresh food wasn’t as expensive to prepare, or that it was in higher demand. Whatever the logical and economic reasons that make fast food the easier and cheaper option for my lunch, I’m not a fan.
But I digress. Since Friday, we’ve had a couple good meals. Jeff made steamed salmon over asparagus on Saturday night, and tonight we invented something out of everything we bought on Friday.
Mmmmm, goat cheese with seasonings

Getting the veggies ready

Our very own recipe for chicken & veggie stir fry

It tasted as good as it looks

And the final presentation!

I’ve been scouting out some healthy cook books on Amazon, and so far I’ve found the following that I’m trying to choose between or decide if it’s worth to get all of them:
Suggestions on these or others are obviously welcome :) As are any other suggestions you believe will allow me to actually follow through with this New Year’s Resolution.