For one, check out that movie. It’s kind of a funny story, really. Plus, you can never really go wrong with Zack Galafianakis.

But getting to my point…I’ve written before how just when Jeff and I think we’re on the brink of something going terribly wrong, something falls out of the sky and saves the day. By “something” I usually mean an unexpected amount of cash, that if something hadn’t gone terribly wrong, would’ve been nice to put into our non-existing savings account, or to be able to spend a little more freely, or cover things we can’t usually cover. But alas, it goes to cover the terribly wrong thing…but at least we’re able to cover it with that unexpected cash rather than being SOL.
Case in point: yesterday.
Jeff called me right after 5pm letting me know his car wouldn’t start, so I called AAA so they could meet him at work while I made my way over there. They got it started, but it seems like it’s going to take some cash investment to get whatever it is that’s wrong with it fixed. Might be the starter. Might be something else. Point is: money we don’t have.
I check the mail before getting into my car to go pick Jeff up, and the only thing in the mail is….our CA tax refund! I had to laugh. To myself.
The funniest thing about this is that we had gotten a letter from the California Franchise Tax Board on Saturday saying we didn’t fill out our bank account completely on our tax return, so instead of a direct deposit we’d be getting a check in 2-4 weeks. I thought, hey that’s pretty cool, Sucks that it’ll take longer…but thanks for letting us know. And yet…what are the odds that instead of taking 2-4 weeks it gets here two days later…on the exact date we find out we’re gonna have to drop some serious cash on one of those “terribly wrong” scenarios? Alas, I should’ve known better than to think we’d get that refund and actually be able to spend it on something we wanted :)
In other updated news: it seems that the Guatemala divorce fiasco is having some trouble getting off the ground.
Have a great day everyone.