It’s been far too long since I posted crazy updates on what happens in that tiny country below Mexico.
There’s one thing that’s been brewing for a while and I’ve wanted to share, but have honestly been too lazy to research what’s really happening. Let’s see. Alvaro is the president of Guatemala. Sandra is married to Alvaro. Alvaro is finishing up his presidency, which some state was actually run by Sandra. Sandra declared her bid for the presidency. The Constitution of Guatemala clearly states that the spouse of a current president cannot run for a presidential election. Sandra says this is a violation of her right to run for the presidency, and that she will fight it the Constitutional Court of Guatemala. Never mind, they decide to get a divorce instead. Alvaro and Sandra file for divorce. The divorce is still in court proceedings, but I’m assuming that with the right “leverage” the divorce will be finalized in no time, paving the way for Sandra to constitutionally run for president. Good news or bad news? I honestly don’t know. Much of what I hear about Sandra through family and friends is negative and they don’t seem to believe she has the right interests at heart (who ever does in Guatemala, though?), but this is all based on hearsay, so I should do some more research before making any conclusions myself.
But isn’t a picture worth a thousand words?
In other news, you may remember several blog posts about the murder of Rodrigo Rosenberg, which was declared to be a [complex] suicide. Found an interesting and detailed article in The New Yorker about the whole situation. It’s fairly long, so I haven’t made it to the conclusion yet and what the author actually things about the “suicide” conclusion, but it still lays out a great detailed narrative of what happened (or allegedly happened?). It reads like a novela almost…
If you have the time, and more importantly: are interested, enjoy.