I’m a big gmail fan. Google in general, but I love my gmail account. I can organize my emails in folders. I can archive stuff so it’s not filling up my “inbox.” I can use search terms to find emails that have been lost in my cyber mailbox. I can search by a contact, and see every single email I’ve shared with that one person. It groups my email and subsequent responses in one “email.” I mean…things weren’t always this amazing! Remember hotmail? Yeah…

My favorite feature is definitely the search capability. All I need to remember are a couple key search words, and I can find the EXACT email I need, even if I don’t remember who it was to or from. So I guess it shouldn’t really be a big surprise that lately I expected my brain to do the same. I was trying to remember something, not sure if it was a memory, some sort of information or whatever, and in my mind I started thinking of the search times I was going to use to “gmail search” my brain. Once I realized what I was trying to do, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. But how awesome would it be if you could gmail search your BRAIN?! You’d never “forget” anything (not sure how the brain actually works when it comes to remembering and forgetting…but assuming it all stays stored in your brain somewhere)…you’d just have to remember the right search terms and you’d be set.
I shared this recently with Jeff, and he shared a similar story he had . He was smelling something at his parent’s house, he wanted to share the scent with me, and wanted to email it to me so I could smell it. Ha!
This sounds crazy now…but it’s only a matter of time…right?