I’m getting worse and worse at doing this, but it’s all of your faults for not holding me accountable! And mine for not making the time..
I don’t think I have the time or energy to really go through the last four days…let’s just say they’ve been busy, but here’s what I remember:
  • Went to Dr.’s appt.
  • Picked up art donations (huge thank you shout out to San Clemente Art Supply):
  • Walked Lilo–such a beautiful day yesterday for a walk in Dana Point:
  • Visited Brookie
  • HBA Program Committee meeting
  • Office work
  • Bought stuff for trip to Haiti…started making a pile of all the stuff I have to pack
  • Went to DMV to pay for replacement ID
  • Met with Dana to catch up and borrow her backpack for my trip
  • Church with my mom
  • Dinner with Julian & Erika
  • Finally called my grandmother in Guatemala! It only took hearing news of an earthquake to make me finally make time…I need to be better at that.
  • Went to mass for Ash Wednesday…spent the rest of the day telling people that I knew there was something on my forehead…but thanks for the heads up!
What I didn’t do:
  • Immigration cases: I HAVE to get this done before I leave next week
  • Write up on D&O insurance
  • Misc blogs I’d like to write up
  • HS Stuff I need to put together before I leave