What I did:

  • All of our laundry!
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Changed bed sheets
  • Emptied out another huge portion of the garage…one more trip and I’m all done and the garage is back to it’s intended purpose!
  • Met Karin for lunch on Thursday to turn in another pair of gift certificates for the silent auction
  • Made important phone calls yesterday
  • Lost my driver’s license! Which means adding DMV to my to-do list for Monday, which is already out of control. I’m crossing fingers that alls I need to travel is my passport…
  • Tutored on Thursday
  • I finally wrote the letter on my small claims issue
  • Wrote my March Charity of the Month blog!
What I didn’t do:
  • Immigration stuff (I HAVE to do this soon)
  • HS stuff–again, HAVE to do this soon
  • I’m sure there’s more, but Jeff and I have spent almost four hours at Starbucks already and he’s ready to go :)