Holy crap, how is it March tomorrow??

What I did:
  • Half day at the office
  • Did some phone research and make some important calls…which resulted in more calls being added to my to-do list
  • Walked Lilo!
  • Took stuff to Goodwill..I think my garage will be in working condition again by next week, which is fantastic news
  • This weekend I worked a TON on the slideshow presentation for the HBA diner on Saturday, so hopefully I can wrap that up and be done with it by Wednesday
  • Helped Karin finalize some silent auction stuff
  • Worked on blogs for Haiti Scholarships
  • Made dinner! Delicious pasta primavera and asparagus
  • Went to church with my mom on Sunday, and watched Amazing Race with Jeff’s family
What I didn’t do:
  • Work on acceptance letters for HS
  • Write letter of support for small claims matter (which is no longer such a small claim…16 other couples are also trying to sue this wedding photographer)
  • Work on immigration cases
  • Research for 31 Bits
  • Contact school organizations regarding Haiti Scholarships and student sponsorships
  • Figure out what I need to get for my trip to Haiti…I can’t believe it’s in a little over two weeks, time has FLOWN by!
  • Probably much much more…