Not really. But you know what I mean.

Had an interview with a legal nonprofit in Riverside today. I interviewed with a 5-person panel: three of the staff and two board members. Slightly intimidating to begin with, but everyone was super sweet and made me feel comfortable from the get go. I think I’ve finally gotten down my answers to most standard interview questions…taken me long enough!
With that said, I’m still torn about the position. When in doubt…to a pro and con list!
  • It’s public interest, so I’d be doing what I (think) want to do, although it would be mostly in areas of family law and landlord-tenant which I have no experience in, which leads to…
  • Good learning experience
  • Networking in a new geographic location
  • The organization looks like a great place to work, although super small (staff of about 4, helping over a thousand clients a year!)


  • It’s about an hour commute each way
  • No immigration work due to funding
  • Requires a lot of driving for the job (position is for clinic manager, so 2-3 days a week I’d be driving to Ontario and other locations in the Inland Empire)
  • Clinics on 2 days a week run late, which means getting home around 8 or 9pm (although I wouldn’t be starting until 10 or 11am)
  • Salary is less than $45,000. It would be almost an extra $2,000 a month from what Jeff and I are surviving on right now, so it’s not an issue of not paying our bills…but thinking long term I just don’t know if that salary is worth all the driving and slightly unconventional hours. On the other hand, I have to start somewhere…and it would be enough to pay our bills, credit cards, a meager loan payment, and maybe even start saving a little…MAYBE.
I guess I should have started by saying that they haven’t offered me a position yet…this is me getting ahead of myself.
If you were in my shoes…what would you do?