I knew time would fly. I think the final decision was made around November, that Abby and I would be returning to Haiti. And I knew then that time would fly by. It has. We leave in less than a month! We booked our tickets a couple weeks ago, and I keep looking at my calendar as the days go by, in disbelief.

I have a job interview this Thursday, and I’ve been working on my oral arguments for a week now: giving me a two week “vacation” two weeks after my start date is actually a GOOD thing! Hopefully I can pull it off…although I’d have to get the job in the first place :)
Things that are freaking me out a bit:
  • I need a backpack. If anyone is willing to let me borrow theirs, please let me know.
  • I need a sleeping pad. Last time I slept on a sleeping bag over wooden planks…and although in the long term I think it was great for my back…it wasn’t great for sleeping. So if anyone has a thick yoga mat or something like that, that they wouldn’t mind losing for two weeks, I’d be forever grateful.
  • I have to get malaria pills….which means I need to raise a little more cash to buy them
  • This whole job situation…
And yet, I couldn’t be more excited. I think this trip will be night and day from my last trip. I think my perspective has changed, my purpose has changed, and my plans are bigger. Any my cousin Adriana is coming, which I’m VERY excited about :)