What I did:
  • Office in the morning
  • Picked up the house–I still don’t know how I manage to make a mess of the apartment after Jeff just cleaned it on Friday…
  • Worked on HS application letter and talked to Jim
  • Dealt with phone bill madness
  • Interviewed with a non profit in Riverside. It was just a phone interview to help them decide who they actually want to interview in person…and wouldn’t you know…after the two week training…the official start date would be March 18th…as in…a couple days after March 16th…as in…the date I just booked for my flight to Haiti. I’m trying not to freak out or be mad at life for always making things complicated…who knows if I’ll get a call back or not. But if I did…it just figures.
  • Looked for jobs
  • Worked on a venting blog that I’ve been wanting to write for a while
  • Wrote my February charity of the month…I think I should have taken more time on it, but just wanted to get it done…always the conflict of getting things done right eventually or getting things done, period
  • Mailed out that thank you card again…with postage!
  • Made zucchini for the first time as part of our dinner…not bad
What I didn’t do:
  • Apply to jobs
  • Work on either immigration case
  • Small claims
  • Walk Lilo (I was on my way, and it started sprinkling…didn’t really wanna drive all the way there to not be able to walk her…I was really looking forward to a nice walk today)
  • Organize my desk…which is getting out of control
  • Sponsorships and silent auction updates! Gotta do this tomorrow…
  • I need to follow up with Secretary of State on the articles I mailed out….no response yet
My “didn’t” list is starting to make me nervous…and I also have at least two great books I’m looking forward to reading and adding to my “serial” list…maybe I’ll advance a few pages on my current one tonight before I pass out. Good night!