Birthday weekends make it difficult to stay on top of daily blogging…and to be productive, as does working in an office setting. I feel like productivity on job searching and side projects has taken a toll since I started working in the office, but alas, it’s what I need to do right now. Just when I was getting good at this!

Anyhow, I still managed to do a few things over the weekend and today:
  • Worked out at home
  • Started to review small claims documents
  • Walked Lilo
  • Returned tables to David
  • Took another load to Goodwill
  • Re-sent out the bylaw signature page for HS, since the original one seems to have gotten lost in the mail :-/
  • Mailed out outstanding thank you cards (one of which was returned today because I didn’t put postage on it…I swear I had double checked!)
  • Went rock climbing today!
  • Booked tickets to Haiti for Abby and I
What I didn’t do:
  • Figure out how to get that stupid PDF document to open so I can finish working on my immigration case
  • Need to work on declarations for asylum case
  • Make individual acceptance letters for HS recipients
  • Fill out documents for small claims
  • Apply to jobs
  • February Charity of the Month installment