What I did:

  • Woke up and reviewed the documents I had to file in Court (emergency run to Office Depot to get whiteout included…)
  • Drove to Riverside to pick up client, drove to LA for hearing, back to Riverside to drop client off, then to my aunt’s to pick up my mom who locked herself out again, and then home. Phew!
  • Called client to reschedule tonights meeting
  • Called about U visa document I can’t download
  • Worked on initial blog entry for Haiti Scholarships, and followed up with some emails
  • Figured out how to manage more than one twitter account…thanks to doing it wrong the first time
  • Looked for jobs
What I didn’t do:
  • Follow up on silent auction and sponsorships
  • Small claims
  • Gym
  • Acceptance letter for HS
  • Walk Lilo
Other things I need to do:
  • Start working on presentation for HBA dinner featuring past and present scholarship recipients
  • Apply to jobs
A lot of driving today, but it gave me time to get to know my client a lot better. I really hope things work out for him–he truly is an amazing kid and deserves an opportunity to make something of his life.