I decided last week that I was not going to hold myself accountable on Sundays…everyone needs a day off, right? I figure I should still be productive on Saturday’s…and this past Saturday I didn’t blog for multiple reasons, one being that there just wasn’t much to say. Anyhow, today’s list of “did’s” and “did not’s” will encompass the whole weekend and today…
What I did:
  • Went to the gym on Sunday
  • Spent time with grandma on Saturday before she left for the airport
  • Worked on various HS and HBA issues
  • Applied to about three jobs over the course of the weekend
  • Went in to the office today
  • Signed, copied, stapled, and whole punched my asylum application and motion. Ready to file tomorrow in court….wish me luck!
  • Looked for jobs today (no leads)
  • Brainstormed with Reuben yesterday about a potential fundraising idea…stay tuned for details
  • I made dinner tonight!
  • Superbowl party with The Gang
  • I’m starting to feel like I’m just listing random things I did…rather than productive ones…I may have to reassess what I’m doing :)
  • Not sure when I did this, but I updated scholarship applicant bios
What I didn’t do:
  • I didn’t work on my U-visa petition, so I’m going to have to call my client tomorrow and push back our appointment (I can’t get a specific form off the website, which is really annoying)
  • Small claims
  • I didn’t walk Lilo today since I had to go into the office earlier than expected. I need to figure out my schedule so I can make everything work the way it should
  • So many things…I don’t even know where to start. Maybe I’ll have a better grasp of my to-do list tomorrow…
In the meantime, I leave you all with a couple pictures from our First Annual Non-Super-Bowl-Super-Bowl-BBQ: