What I did:

  • Drove to Riverside to meet with my asylum client so we could review and sign the documents we’re filing on Tuesday
  • Stopped by the bank to make some deposits
  • Mailed out Articles of Incorporation for Haiti Scholarships
  • Finally got Board of Directors’ bios and pics up on our website
  • Conference call with silent auction committee for OCHBA
  • Spoke with pro bono coordinator for KIND regarding my motion and my appearance for Tuesday….feeling a little better about it, although knowing me I’ll still have all sorts of stomach queasiness
  • Spent a great evening with Jeff, since he’s been home from work this week and I haven’t had time to enjoy him being home! Went for a nice drive and stroll around Balboa/Newport
  • Applied to three jobs
What I didn’t do:
  • No gym today
  • No small claims
  • No follow ups
  • I didn’t update scholarship applicant profiles; and I haven’t reached out to people regarding sponsors for HS
  • I didn’t work on my u visa petition, which I need to get together by Tuesday also
  • I need to start working on our California state exemption paperwork for HS, so we can get our federal exemption soon