What I did:

  • Worked a little more on my motion, worked on supporting declarations and filled out the actual asylum application; spoke with my client and set up an appointment to meet with him tomorrow
  • Went to Annie’s house to meet Lilo and took her on a nice long walk so she could get to know me (I will be walking Lilo a few times a week for the next month and some change in exchange for a generous donation towards my Haiti trip–thank you Annie and Dan!)
  • Went into the office for a little orientation on what I need to start doing next week
  • Made changes to Articles of Inc for HS so I can put them in the mail tomorrow
  • Did our final interview for media intern for HS, made a decision with Jim, and sent an email to the board with general updates
  • Sent an email to my small claims friend with an update on why I haven’t had time to actually do anything on her case…yet. But at least I’m keeping her in the loop!
I had high hopes for this evening, but due to unforeseen circumstances, didn’t quite have the energy or desire to work late tonight. bleh.
What I didn’t do:
  • I didn’t go to the gym, but Annie and I did walk Lilo for almost an hour…that should count, right?
  • Didn’t work on Jim’s research, although I think I’m almost done with it and should be able to wrap it up tomorrow
  • Didn’t apply to the jobs I wanted to apply to today, due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Didn’t look for new jobs to apply to
  • I didn’t work on HS website
A giant thank you to my husband who kept me sane today.