Today was one of those days were I worked really hard at ONE thing, so my list is not exactly what I’d like it to be. Oh well…

What I did:
  • Worked on my immigration motion for Tuesday. Got a good rough draft, gonna wake up early tomorrow morning to review and reviese, and fill out the Asylum Application and write necessary declaration to accompany it (I guess this goes in the “to do” column but I’m too tired to cut and past…but not too tired to keep typing…)
  • Made appointment for asylum immigration client
  • Worked out at home
  • Made breakfast for Jeff and I (french toast and bacon, in case you’re curious)
  • Random emails for HS and HBA, but nothing too crazy
  • Looked online for jobs, didn’t find anything too exciting today
  • Worked on research for Jim
What I didn’t do:
  • So many things, and I’m ready for bed…but you know, the usual stuff…
What I have to do tomorrow:
  • I get to meet Lilo tomorrow!
  • See grandma and take her for any last minute errands
  • Possibly one last media intern interview with Jim
  • Finish the stuff I mentioned above
  • Stop by Maggie’s office so I can figure out what I’m doing
All in all, not feeling the most accomplished today, but I do feel good about the progress I made
on the motion. I’m just not used to having one project take up so much time…