First of all, I can’t believe February is already here. Where did January go?!

What I did:
  • Cleaned up the kitchen a little
  • Spent some quality time with my grandma, since she’s going back to Guatemala on Saturday :(
  • Printed and reviewed a bunch of asylum documents so I can start preparing my motion for next week. Starting to get nervous about this.
  • Met with my U-visa client, reviewed declaration and petition, set a follow up appointment for next week so we can start wrapping things up
  • Spoke with Maggie about working at her office part time
  • Interviewed another potential media intern with Jim
  • Prepared our state and federal taxes….all ready in an envelope and ready to get our refund!
  • I looked for jobs
  • Started working on research for Jim
What I didn’t do:
  • I didn’t go to the gym
  • I didn’t apply to any jobs
  • I didn’t get started on my small claims case
  • I didn’t do as much as I wanted on my asylum case
  • I didn’t work on HS website
Not the greatest day as far as accomplishments go…which will make tomorrow a busy day.
What I need to do:
  • Work on Jim’s research project
  • Need to set up an appointment for this week with asylum client so he can review and sign documents, and we can prep for next week’s hearing
  • All of the above items