What I did:

  • I WENT TO THE GYM!! And here you were, thinking it would never happen…
  • Sat in, or heard in, on a couple interviews with Jim for a media intern for Haiti Scholarships
  • Met with an old boss regarding possible temporary work at his firm
  • Went to CoffeeBean and got some work done on my U visa petition, including working on declarations, table of contents, and filling out the I-918
  • Finally wrote out a blog I’ve been wanting to write for a while with snippets from various books I’ve been reading
  • Wrote cover letter to send fundraising check to All Hands from the Oggi’s fundraiser earlier this month
  • Tried to crunch some numbers, with negative results
  • Did some work on OCHBA dinner committee
  • Started editing bio’s from HS board of directors
What I didn’t do:
  • Fill out asylum claim
  • Work on small claims
  • Upload bio’s for Haiti Scholarships, try to find more donors
What I need to do:
  • Look for my photography contract so I can review the terms
  • Follow up again on OCHBA silent auction donations and sponsorships