What I did:

  • I attended a nine hour symposium on economic reform at my law school. Yep, that took up most of my day
  • Responded to a few emails for Haiti Scholarships
  • Spoke to one of my immigration clients
  • Went to Miguel’s to watch the Laker game–it’s only been four and a half years in the planning!
What I didn’t do:
  • I didn’t email Karin my detailed update on silent auction donation requests
  • All the stuff I didn’t do yesterday, including going to the gym….but hey, I’m sure no one is surprised by that one anymore (you might be more surprised that I even care to list it still as something I even intended to do).
What I need to do:
  • Apply to a job that was referred to me by a guy that interviewed me for a separate position. Long background story, but actually really nice of him to give me the lead