What I did:

  • Proofread and mailed my very important letter
  • Revised Articles of Incorporation for Haiti Scholarships and mailed out bylaws to be signed by all directors
  • Called therapist on my U-visa case to request letter of support
  • Followed up on a few sponsorship requests for OCHBA
  • Worked out at home
  • Applied to one job (gotta start somewhere…)
  • Abby and I took some stuff to the goodwill, slowly starting to empty out my garage
  • Had lunch with Maggie!
What I didn’t do:
  • Immigration stuff (MUST DO TOMORROW)
  • Look for more places to request silent auction donations from
  • Revise cover letter for foundation/grant/non profit jobs
What I need to do tomorrow:
  • Do some research on wills
  • Start working on small claims case
  • Figure out how I’m going to pay $300 in bar fees in a week