Is my title a copyright infringement? Hmmm. It just occurred to me as I was typing it out; hopefully not, especially since I’m making absolutely no money off of it anyway :)
Anyhow, a while back I wrote about places you love closing down, and sadly Jeff and I have found another one.
One of the first times that Jeff and I had a long and earnest conversation about our religious differences and how that affects our relationship, we were talking about it over a beer and spinach cheese dip at Claim Jumper. Ever since then, it’s been our go-to place when we want to have big talks to plan our lives, when we feel we need a nice dinner out, when we just want to be the cheesy couple giving googly eyes to each other across the table.
Monday night was one of those nights. I could tell the second Jeff walked in the house from work. We needed a beer at Claim Jumper. As my title suggests, it was not to be. As we drove towards the entrance of the shopping center, I caught a glimpse of the building in the back corner that usually has a crowded parking lot and people waiting outside. Nothing. I was pretty sure all the lights were out, but figured I had to be wrong. And then, as Jeff was turning into the shopping center, I figured they had to have closed down, because what I saw was definitely not a figment of my imagination.
We drove around to confirm. There was a “for lease” sign outside, and it was pitch black inside. We ended up settling for In n Out because we were starving, but it wasn’t what we wanted, and it wasn’t what we needed. We had a beer a the UCI pub, and while enjoyable, it wasn’t the same. I’m really going to miss driving to our local Claim Jumper, sipping on a delicious Fat Tire, blocking Jeff’s spinach cheese dipping, and having the perfect amount of lighting and ambience for pseudo intellectual conversations, not to mention building our castles in the sky. Good by Claim Jumper in Irvine, we will miss you.