What I did:

  • Spent some good time detailing certain areas of our apartment that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time (bathroom floor and baseboards, patio area)
  • Went to the grocery store for some essential stuff, like toilet paper :)
  • Called immigration court to confirm my motion to substitute counsel was granted
  • Worked on agenda for Haiti Scholarships board meeting
  • Worked on very important correspondence I need to mail out tomorrow
  • Haiti Scholarships conference call with our Board of Directors
  • Send out a very important email about my Haiti fundraiser
What I didn’t do:
  • I didn’t go to the gym, but I DID do a little work out in the apartment for about 15 minutes…I think that should count for something.
  • Work on asylum and VAWA petitions
  • I didn’t apply to jobs. I waited until the last minute, at which point the only jobs I wanted to apply to required me doing some intense editing and revising to my resume and cover letter. It’s crazy how many jobs are listed, in general, and none of them sound appealing. Bleh.
What I need to do tomorrow:
  • All the things I didn’t do today. I really need to spend some time on my immigration cases and OCHBA stuff.
  • Abby and I are going to start cleaning out my garage. It’ll be nice to be able to use it for parking again :)
  • I really, really need to update my resume and cover letter, and send it out to AT LEAST two different places.